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Gluten Free never looked this good

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Moffle Mix vs TJ's Ube Pancake Mix

This mix gives you that chewy/gooey mochi goodness with all of the breakfast yum you want - also it reheats like a dream. How does it compare to TJ's ube mochi mix? It's better. Moffle Bar achieved some amazing consistency and smoothness. ALSO they can easily be made vegan with egg/dairy substitutes!

Linda @onthemoveforfood

Both a comfort food and satisfying for it's not-too-sweet, sweetness

For someone who may not be familiar with mochi, the moffle mix is the perfect combination! It will present a texture unlike anything else, but still be light and sweet enough to feel satisfied and comforted.

Rueben R. @ruebentaughtme

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Moffle Bar on "The Chew"